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Watch this space for video previews of each project.
After over 20 years of research Engineer and Puzzle Genius Bruce Bedlam has unraveled ALL of the mysteries of Stonehenge. This project is the most important archaeological discovery in modern times and makes logic and sense out of a 4,000 year old mystery. Bruce is now working with Future Planet Exclusively and as well as the International TV documentary (or series) there is plenty of potential for books, magazine articles, a Feature Film and also a reconstruction of Bruce's discovery - 'Full Size'!
Wild Boar
5 years ago the British Government (MAFF) announced that Wild Boar were now officially back in Britain and breeding in several areas of the country. This film follows MAFF scientist and Wild Boar expert Dr Martin Goulding as his follows Wild Boar in Britain. Future Planet has exclusive access to a lot of Wild Boar Material and have actually filmed them in the wild in Britain on several occasions.
Not only did we help bring SONY on board as the title Sponsor but we have already filmed the World Freediving championships in Cyprus this year - and 2 world records to boot! We are now also developing 'The 100 Metre Dive' - and aim to follow World Record holder Martin Stepanek on his quest to become the first person to dive to 100 Metre in history. We hope to entice sponsors - and also are striving to broadcast it LIVE.

The Bounty
We follow 20 Royal Navy Divers as they embark on a diving adventure of a life time and visit the Island of Pitcairn - one of the remotest places on earth and 3,000 miles from any continent. Once here they dive on the site of the famous Bounty ship and meet the people who descended from the shipmates - the people of Pitcairn. The first expedition was completed during Jan / March 2003 - and we are now planning a much bigger one in 2005.

Gaia Theory
Earth is itself a living organism and that life actively creates the environment it needs to survive by maintaining environmental factors like temperature, humidity and atmosphere. We explore and analyze James Lovelocks 30 year old theory about our planet.

Diving For Dinosaurs
Underwater paleontology! Discovering the hidden treasures that lie beneath the waves in several locations around the world - finding exciting new discoveries in places never looked in before - yet we know the dinosaurs are there! We have already carried out several trips to the location and Future Planet is working exclusively with the professional Paleontologists to start the project fully next year.

Jurassic Gold
Recently 130 million year old Amber was discovered on the Isle of Wight - "so what?" you may ask - Well this amber is the oldest amber EVER to include 'inclusions'. These insects preserved so well and yet they could have seen dinosaurs when they lived? Future Planet is working exclusively with the team behind the find?

World's Largest Shark
With famous personalities from the underwater world, Suzy Quasnichka, Future Planet, and H2O TV, are making an exciting and definitive programme of the past, present and future conservation of the world's largest shark - the whale shark.
Mick Dawson
Mick Dawson - Ocean Rower - is starting to prepare for his 6 months + 'Golden Gate Endeavor' - and try to cross the North Pacific Ocean - single handed from Tokyo to the Golden Gate Bridge! Future Planet has recently secured the exclusive to work with Mick on this project. Secure funding and media interest and coverage - globally!.